Support in webhosting environment is of utmost importance considering the fact that even few minutes of downtime can cost you several thousand dollars in business and reputation.

We at Onlinesupport provide this crucial part of service which is called (RIM) remote infrastructure management which all small and medium hosting companies need  to manage   their business and servers which are located in data center.

We are online 24/7 to manage all servers and provide chat,telephonic support along with email support with response time of 15 minutes guaranteed response time anytime you email us.

We have our experts working on server 24/7 to keep entire network healthy with our
proactive team of system admin.We have our own office located in 1264 sqft with redundant ISP support and power backup using batteries and generators to make it a fully redundant support for 24/7/365.

Need support for server/networks do give us a Shout at support@onlinesupport4u.in